Casale Le Torri is part of a natural park, a protected natural reserve. The landscape offers a rich diversity of flora, from Mediterranean scrub to vineyards and olive groves. The park offers 4 picnic areas equipped with gazebos and wooden tables to enjoy the silence of countryside. Ideal for peaceful walks or bicycle rides, also good for children as the trails is easy. 

The park has a walking path in a natural context full of suggestive panoramas. Thanks to sport equipment, associated with relevant signs illustrating bodyweight excercises, it is possible to train outdoors, running or walking along the 4km ring trails. 

The natural park is a protected and restricted area and is an incredible paradise for flora and fauna. There are ideal conditions fro mant animal species, especially birds. You could see wild boars, badgers, foxes, fallow deers or hares. There are about 60 different species of birds in the whole area, noth sedentary and migratory such as the bee eater, the wood pigeon, the woodcock, the green woodpecker, the owl or the barn owl. A very rich biodiversity we want to protect and promote. Nature and human activities, such as agriculture, integrate perfectly, giving an image of what was once Valdera. 

Below a map of the natural park where picnic areas, viewpoints and sports equipment are indicated.