Fun and creativity are the milestones of our cuisine, led by the very young cook Alexs Alexandrov. Tuscan tradition is always the starting point, based on fresh, seasonal and local ingredients to connect with our area and its treasures. But there is always a personal touch and a little creative flair. 

Aleks Alexsandrov, born in 1996, begins with an internship at Casale Le Torri while studying at the School for Culinary Arts & Hotel Management in Pisa. Together with Chef Seck Ibrahima, who supported him in the first years of his career, he quicly became an excellent cook with a profound bound with Tuscany, bringing his dishes the typical flavors of this land with traditional recipes revisited with a vibrant and new twist. It is proud of his bulgarian origins which give a touch of color and an open-minded food philosophy really appreciated by our international guests.